Jan 26, 2008

Married Life

A few notes for those who aren't married. Those who are married may or may not agree with me, but here are my thoughts:
  • You think you will feel different, but you won't. It's similar to waking up on your birthday and thinking, "I'm sixteen now, but I feel exactly like I did when I was fifteen." Here I am married, but I'm still the same person; Trevor is still the same person; our relationship is essentially the same. There are things we can do that we couldn't before, but that's about the only difference.
  • The honeymoon isn't a perfect love fest. The adjustment to being married begins with the honeymoon, and though you're on vacation and have just gotten married, it's still hard. Getting used to spending that much time together was crazy. We drove each other nuts the whole time. It was fun and it was romantic and it was wonderful, but it wasn't the perfect thing that you imagine people honeymooning to be.
  • Getting used to living with your spouse is far more intense than getting used to a new roommate. It's actually insanely hard. We fight about dumb stuff all the time (how to organize the books on the shelf, what time alarms should go off in the morning, etc.), and if I wasn't crazy in love with the man, there's no way I could deal with it.
  • Being in a house/apartment in which everything in it belongs to you and your spouse is the best thing ever. We can put things wherever we want, we don't have to worry about stepping on other people's toes or remembering what in the fridge belongs to us.
  • People always say something like, "You're not going to like doing housework suddenly once you get married," but it's not entirely true. There's a special satisfaction in doing dishes for your own little family. And I love cooking for my Trevor far more than I like cooking for just myself.
Because now that I'm two-weeks-married, I'm so wise.


Anonymous said...

This is a really great post, and I think I will copy/paste it somewhere so I will have it in years to come when I get married.

It was really good to see you! And meet Trevor, too!

Love, Laura

Rachael said...

Ditto Laura's comment. Except the seeing you part. :(