Jul 8, 2011

LT-B = :(

Living on a tighter budget, fast food consumption has been significantly cut down. However, I still indulge once in a while. Imagine the fattest person you can saying "I just get so hungry," and you are imagining what I feel like every day about two hours into my work day (yes, out of a whopping four hours...I just get so hungry, okay?). I just want something fast with lots of bacon.

Even when I try, the universe is denying me. Probably this means I should stick to bringing in lunch.

July 1st - Subway
I order a BLT sandwich with all the veggies. Sandwich, once unwrapped, turns out to be an Italian BMT. Which has Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni, and Black Forest ham aka way too much meat. It was pretty gross, it took me forever to get through that sucker. Also, I have no idea what BMT could possibly stand for. I just wanted bacon with my vegetables!

July 8th - Wendys
I order a BLT Cobb salad without chicken. Salad, once uncovered, turns out to be a BLT Cobb salad with chicken and without bacon or blue cheese crumbles aka the most delicious parts of a BLT Cobb salad from Wendys. And they put warm chicken on their salads which is almost as gross as 8 tons of Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni, and Black Forest ham. Why would anyone want warm chicken on their salad? It makes your lettuce hot. Which is disgusting. Also, the chicken soaks up all the delicious avacado ranch dressing (which actually might be the most delicious part of a BLT Cobb salad from Wendys...it's a huge toss up). I just wanted bacon with my vegetables!

The moral of the story: I need to buy bacon on the way home from work and eat BLTs for every meal. Because they are delicious.


better suited for a fictional world said...

yes! i'm so glad someone else thinks that hot chicken on a salad is nasty! who wants soggy, wilted lettuce???

thatluvelywife said...

It's terrible when you have so little money to spend on eating out and then you end up with food regret. Happened to me this month...spent the last of my money to go out to lunch at work with the girls and had the worst Mexican food of my life. =/