Jul 22, 2011

Indiana Ramble

Trevor's been in Indianapolis all week participating in the ComedySportz International Competition (I don't think I have any regular readers in Indianapolis, but if you're there, the Provo team plays Houston at 7pm tonight; you should go see my hilarious husband).

So naturally I've spent some time thinking about Indiana this week.

I lived in West Lafayette, IN during my junior and senior years of high school, but I haven't stepped foot in the state since then (graduated in '04, so it's been seven years). I haven't really had a compelling reason to. I liked Indiana just fine, but I haven't stayed particularly in good touch with anyone there and there's nothing particularly exciting to visit in the state.

I liked fireflies and I liked corn fields and I liked the high school I went to. Would I go back for any of these things? Maybe. I might go to my 10 year high school reunion. Though reunions seem a little unnecessary in the days of facebook. I already know who got fat and who got rich and who got married and who got hot. Hm, but I suppose a Burroughs High School reunion still sounds appealing, even if a West Lafayette High School one makes me feel "meh". Even though I haven't seen much of many of the Burroughs people since I left for Indiana in '02, I'm more in touch with those friends. And it's still the hometown.

I've been to Indianapolis a few times, but don't remember much. I couldn't think of anything to recommend doing/eating there to Trevor. Chicago was more our big city when I lived in West Lafayette.

Prior to this week, Trevor had never been east of Colorado ("I've never seen so many black people in my life!"). It kind of makes me a little sad that he's out on new adventures without me, but I've enjoyed my time home alone as well. It's very relaxing to not have to answer to anyone for a few days. There will probably be more traveling in his future as he continues to pursue the comedy thing, so I guess I should get used to it.

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