Jun 13, 2011

Summer Watching List

A lot of people are posting summer reading lists this time of year. I'm looking to put together a summer TV list. Because, let's be honest, I have developed myself a nice little addiction here. And while there are a few shows I'm interested in with new episodes starting this summer, most shows I love won't have new episodes until the fall. So we need to fill my need somewhere.

So I'm turning to the infinite wisdom and good taste that is you, dear readers, to help me find suitable programming. Let me know what current shows I'm missing out on or what old shows I never saw, but should have.

Here are all the shows I have seen every episode of (that I can think of) so you can know a) what not to recommend me because I've already seen all there is to see, and b) what my general taste is (note that there are no reality shows and a lot of comedies...). *'s indicate how much I like each show on a 1-3 scale.
  • 30 Rock***
  • Arrested Development***
  • Californication*
  • Community***
  • Dexter***
  • Entourage*
  • Gossip Girl**
  • Happy Endings**
  • Life on Mars**
  • Louie**
  • Mad Men***
  • Modern Family***
  • Parks and Recreation***
  • Party Down**
  • Pushing Daisies**
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip*
  • The X-Files***


Ellie said...

We love Modern Family, Community, Pushing Daisy's and Arrested Development. We are currently working on the X-files, which I really love. Other than that I haven't seen any of the others. What I'm trying to say here is I don't think I'm qualified to make recommendations but I'm going to anyways.

That being said... my favorite TV show of all time is Firefly. I love Nathan Fillion and think this show is hilarious. If you like that, I would go for Dollhouse next. Kind of a weird premise, but it's directed by the same guy and I loved it too.

A really good comedy you should watch is The Big Bang Theory.

I'm not sure if you like Drama, but Castle and Chuck are good too.

Sorry I didn't give many details. I figured you could look them up on IMDB to see if you are at all interested.

Betty said...

Flight of the Conchords is great (although second season was so-so).

Also Food Network reality shows are entertaining (I love Chopped).

Anonymous said...

Husband and I have been watching "The IT Crowd" on netflix. It's a british comedy, and pretty dang funny. Don't be put off if the first season doesn't fully impress you, it gets better.

Also I adore "The Good Wife." It's smart and I really enjoy the premise of the story: politician cheats on wife, she goes back to word at fancy law firm after years of being a SAHM, and grapples with whether or not she wants to give her cheating husband a second chance.