Jun 11, 2011

So White

  1. It's that sunburn time of year again; the skin that has gotten nice and pasty all winter is suddenly being exposed to a lot of sunlight. I've had a hard time finding people who feel the same way as me about this, so maybe I'm weird, but I really don't like the feeling of sun on my skin. It always feels like it's hurting it. And I don't like sunburns. Or skin cancer. Or even tan skin. Tan skin is vastly overrated. Pale skin is totally prettier, in my opinion. So I will stay out of the sun when I can and wear lots of sunscreen. I should also take to wearing big-brimmed straw hats. Perhaps that will be the new addition to my summer style this year.
  2. I took a color code personality test the other day (if you care to, you can here). It's a fairly common personality assessment tool, so you may already know this, but here's a basic rundown: reds are motivated by power, blues are motivated by intimacy, whites are motivated by peace, yellows are motivated by fun. I was not surprised that I came out white, but I was surprised by how incredibly unbalanced my scores were:
    I feel like reds are the worst people, so I'm glad I've got next to nothing there, but I feel like blues are the best people, and I've got hardly anything there either. Oh well. At least everybody likes whites and yellows. And I'll just need to work on being more ambitious and more attached to other people. Balance myself out a little.


M said...

I'm ALWAYS mostly blue and red on those quizzes. It's like saying, "You're a real jerk...with a heart." Thanks, quiz. Thanks.

lisamarie21188 said...

Ha ha I am red and it's probably pretty accurate. Geez are the other colors this negative? Is there anything good about being red? :(

Andrea said...

Reds make the world go round. You will be successful in life stomping around and crushing people like me.

Anonymous said...

I am also a white personality with very white skin. I agree with everything in this post. Tanning is dumb. That is all. =)