May 4, 2011

More Bullets

  • My calves are really sore for no reason. I haven't done anything strenuous with my legs that I can think of lately. Goodness knows I don't work out.
  • Trevor is growing a mustache which is "stylish because it's out of style; that's really in right now." He wants to be Ron Swanson. So I tell him it makes him look like Freddie Mercury.
  • When I first read the headline "Osama bin Laden is Dead" on Slate, I figured the article would be some sort of editorial on how he has ceased to be relevant in the new Middle East and didn't click to read more. It wasn't until I got on facebook a few minutes later that I realized he's physically dead.
  • When people ask what kind of music I like, I typically give very vague answers. I thought about attempting an in-depth analysis of my music taste in a blog post, but it's too much work. So here are the 25 most-played songs from my computer's iTunes (you can click to expand if need be...I realize it's kinda small wording). It'll give you an idea of my taste. I'm pretty stuck in 2006, the last year I really cared about music. When it comes to more contemporary stuff, I mostly like stupid pop songs about wearing all your favorite brands brands brands brands brands, but this kind of thing is on the radio enough that I feel no need to download it. And no, I don't want to talk about how Mmmbop got so high on the list. And yes, I might be a little in love with Josh Ritter.


better suited for a fictional world said...

i find that when someone asks me what kind of music i like, it's usually someone i don't know/don't like. they're usually asking me because they want to spout off a few bands that i've never heard of so they can be super smug and feel secure in their ability to be ahead of the trend.

since i find this incredibly irritating, i started answering the question with "i like opera". this is not a lie, i really do like the opera, but it has the desired effect, which is that people look at me in disbelief and slowly back away, or suddenly 'spot someone they know' across the room. this spares me from the inevitable, "what?!?! you mean you don't like the such-and-suches??!! i CAN'T believe you don't listen to them!"

better suited for a fictional world said...
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Andrea said...

You just may be a genius.

better suited for a fictional world said...

what can i say, awkward social interactions (deliberate or otherwise) are my specialty!