May 12, 2011

Let's Not Get Political

I took Pew Research Center's political typology quiz today ( I wanted to see if I'm truly a wishy-washy moderate like I say to please everyone or if I really need to start standing up for something. According to this quiz, I'm a post-modern...the lightest shade of blue (there was no non-red or blue option):


Basic Description: Well-educated and financially comfortable. Post-Moderns are supportive of many aspects of government though they take conservative positions on questions about racial policy and the social safety net. Very liberal on social issues. Post-Moderns were strong supporters of Barack Obama in 2008, but turned out at far lower rates in 2010.

Defining values: Strongly supportive of regulation and environmental protection. Favor the use of diplomacy rather than military force to ensure peace. Generally positive about immigrants and their contributions to society.

Who they are: The youngest of the typology groups (32% under age 30); a majority are non-Hispanic white (70%) and have at least some college experience (71%). Nearly a third (31%) are unaffiliated with any religious tradition. Half live in either the Northeast (25%) or the West (25%). A majority (58%) lives in the suburbs.

Lifestyle notes: 63% use social networking. One-in-five (20%) regularly listen to NPR, 14% regularly watch The Daily Show, 10% read the New York Times. 31% trade stocks and 53% have a passport.

I think this fits me somewhat accurately. Though I'm not a huge fan of Wall Street, which I feel is a main contributor to the vast gap between rich and poor in this country. And I don't know if I qualify as well-educated and financially-comfortable; I am compared to some, I'm not compared to others. Anyway, I don't really have any major analysis. I just thought I'd post my results because it's an easy excuse for a blog post. Yes, I'm lame.

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