Apr 26, 2011

News Bulletin

 Things going on:
  • I really want to get more into sewing. Because I like having unique clothes and because it's something to keep my hands busy while chain-watching past seasons of every TV show available on Netflix (something way too much of my time goes to). I've started on a purple dress for my little sister's wedding in May. We'll see how that goes. I'm totally inspired by an old BYU friend of mine, Ellie, who has this amazing sewing blog and only started sewing ten months ago.
  • We're likely moving to a new place when our apartment contract is up in July. There's little point in living in Provo when Trevor and I both work in Pleasant Grove, so it's back to north Utah County for us. I'm tempted to pick a much nicer place than our current apartment since our financial situation is much better now than it was when we moved last, but I suppose it's best to live in some crap apartment again and continue saving money so we can go for the much nicer place when we've saved enough to buy rather than rent. The plan is to join the landed gentry spring/summer 2013, though there's of course plenty of potential for the goal to be pushed earlier/later depending on job fortune/misfortune.
  • I constantly get Gertrude Stein and Gloria Steinem mixed up in my head. Also Liz Taylor and Liv Tyler. I guess this isn't news, just something I was thinking about.
  • In other not-really-news-but-evidence-that-Andrea-is-not-as-bright-as-she-likes-to-think news: I am incapable of not spelling "tomorrow" with just one 'm' (it's always "tommorrow") or "sandwich" without and extra 'h' ("sandwhich"). Seriously. These are common words, what's wrong with me? Luckily, the vast majority of writing I do is automatically spell-checked. Yay, computers!
  • I went to the dentist last week for the first time in about four years. I have five cavities to be filled tomorrow. Probably should be better about regular dentist visits in the future. Fun fact: all five of my cavities are on the right side of my mouth. Apparently I'm right-toothed as well as right-handed (note: I don't think right-toothed is a thing).
  • I had a dream last night that Ricky Martin was not really gay and just came out for the press. Then I woke up and realized that we all knew he was gay long before he came out.
  • You've probably seen this on facebook, but I've started a book club that I'm pretty excited about. I had a phase when Trevor worked at Verio where I'd read a least one book a month while waiting for him to get off monstrously-long calls, but now that those days are behind us, I'm going to need to make more time for reading to be a good book club member. Probably means less Netflix TV shows.


M said...

LOVE the sewing blog. She's so talented! Thanks for posting it. Also, every time I go to the dentist it seems like it's pretty much all bad news. So it's like you saved all your bad news for one visit instead of five, if that makes you feel better. (I don' see how it wouldn't.....)

Ellie said...

You are so nice. Thanks for the shout out. Come sew with me some time. Also, I haven't been to the dentist in 4 years either....the last time was to get a root canal for a tooth I damaged water skiing. I am really afraid of going again but I know I should. I'll probably have a cavity in every tooth.

Nishi G. said...

Good luck on the apartment search. You say here that you're moving to be closer to work, but we all know it's to make room for the new penguin boarder you will be having soon! Also, I've always wanted to start sewing for the exact reasons you've mentioned here, but I'm secretly terrified of doing something incredibly stupid like sewing my fingers to the fabric I'm working with.