Dec 18, 2010

Tabernacle Fire

As many of you know by now, the LDS Provo tabernacle burned down yesterday. Even though I live within a mile of the building, I had no idea until I heard people talking about it at work.

I've been in the building on several occasions and it's been enjoyed by many many people since it was constructed in the 1880s. It's sad to see such a historic building destroyed.

Since I live close to the building, I had several people ask if I could smell smoke at my house, but I didn't smell anything in the air. However, when Tiberius came home last night after being outside for most of the day, his fur definitely smelled like smoke. Because he's so fluffy absorbent. And no, that's not a mistyped sentence. The rule, when it comes to Tiberius, is that any adjective used to described him is preceded by the word "fluffy" ("He's being so fluffy nice right now." "Oh no, Tiberius is fluffy hungry." etc.). Don't mock me; everybody's got stupid things when it comes to their pets. Besides, you don't want Tiberius to get fluffy angry with you.

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Hadassah said...

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no man can exalt their wife to heaven.
Yes Jesus was born of a virgin and no satan is not Jesus' brother.. please wake up. mormons might have good morals adn lot of money... but it wont save them on Judgment Day. outer darkness will be forever in the lake of fire with the devil and all the other liars and ones who did not believe on the name of the LORD Jesus Christ for salvation ... alone.
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that was Jesus praying to Father...
i will pray for you to know the real TRUTH.
and the mormon version of the king james is not the correct translation...its a doctrine of demons.
May you know the Truth.. He will set you free.