Dec 1, 2010

Orabrush Review

I bought an Orabrush last night (available at select Utah WalMarts), intending to review it for my blog.
 "But Andrea, you don't really do product reviews," you may say.
 "Well, the tongue-scrubbing Orabrush is a product of interest to me and I can do what ever I want," I may respond.
"Why is the Orabrush a product of interest to you? You are not exactly the queen of oral hygiene..." you may ask.
 "What exactly are you getting at here?" I may ask back. After we have a conversation about how I should floss more, I may get around to those reasons:
  1. Orabrush was invented and is headquartered here in good ol' Provo,UT. And who doesn't like supporting a local start-up?
  2. Orabrush is a YouTube success story (, and I'm highly interested in social media marketing stuff.
  3. I'm a fan and acquaintance of local comedian Dave Ackerman who gets paid by Orabrush to make videos of himself in a giant tongue costume (best job ever?).
The original Orabrush video:

Note: I did the spoon test thing and think I'm okay. But I didn't really seem to get anything on the spoon, so maybe I did it wrong? I'm still afraid of having bad breath.

An example of the giant tongue costume:

Note #1: I know the idea for this particular one is somewhat ripped off from Orbit Gum's dirty mouth stuff...but it's amusing nonetheless.
Note #2: One of the construction workers is played by another local comedian acquaintance of ours, Jose Bacio...I'll have to post sometime about my immersion into the Utah comedy scene and my very funny husband's exploits there.

Anyway, time for the actual product review part. And the conclusion is: I suck at Orabrushing. It may or may not be a good product; all I know is I don't think I'm capable of using it how it's supposed to be used. I have a strong gag reflex and have a very difficult time with putting things on my tongue like that. I've tried and failed at brushing my tongue with a toothbrush and tried and failed at tongue scrapers, so I don't know why I thought an Orabrush sounded like a good product for me. This is my official non-review.

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