Apr 7, 2010

No Cable...Plenty of TV

When I tell people I don't have cable, I often get the reactions: "Good for you!", "I don't think I have the willpower for that.", etc.

I let it go and let people think that I'm a saint, but in reality...I watch tons of TV. I don't understand why more people haven't realized this yet but...everything you ever want on TV is available on the internet. Much of it is even legal. And then whatever program you want is available whenever you want...I'm not constrained by the time restraints of some network. It's even better than TiVo because you can watch virtually anything. Want to see the first season of How I Met Your Mother? Yes, it originally aired five years ago, but the internet has the answer.

Each week that there is a new episode, I will watch: Project Runway, Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model, 30 Rock, Family Guy, and The Office (mylifetime.com, cwtv.com, hulu.com). I watch The Daily Show probably a couple episodes a week. And this is just new programming...let's also mention that over the last three weeks I've watched all three past seasons of Mad Men. Oh, and I watch probably around two documentaries on Netflix a week. This adds up to lots of hours of my life staring at a screen.

So no, I am not a good person for not having cable. I waste as much or more time as you do in front of worthless programming. I've just sacrificed good picture quality for money. That is all.

Note: Don't judge me for any of the programming I admit to watching here. I realize many of these shows are past their prime and perhaps one or two never even had a prime; I will continue on. I will also defend the value of Gossip Girl to society until the day I die.

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