Apr 24, 2010

Fidel Saves the Day!

The rules for cats outside are as follows: 1) Fidel can go outside whenever he wants because he can take care of himself. 2) Julius can go outside when he's not being a wuss (so very rarely). 3) Tiberius is not allowed outside without adult supervision because he is too clumsy and can't see that well and would probably get lost immediately. Does this look like an outdoor cat to you? He's too sweet and fluffy.
But I am a bad cat mother and broke rule #3 Thursday night. The heater doesn't work in our new apartment which means we had a space heater provided by maintenance which means we had to keep out bedroom door open for warmth which means cats were bugging us which means I kicked Julius and Fidel outside. Tiberius is allowed to sleep with us because he doesn't cause trouble. And he sometimes lies across my neck like a kitten scarf. He's so cute.

Anyway, Tiberius ran out the front door with the other boys that night and I was half-asleep and I wasn't dressed and I didn't really want to run out after him. So I figured "He'll probably be okay," and went back to bed. And then spent a very distraught next 24 hrs where he was nowhere to be found. (Julius and Fidel were waiting dutifully by the door when I woke up the next morning, of course).

And it rained most of the morning and I knew my little Tiberius was out there cold and wet and scared (he's scared of everything) and the rain would probably make it harder for him to smell his way back home. I was worried.

However, last night around 2am, I woke up to scratches on the back door. "Oh, Fidel wants in," I mumbled to myself as I got out of bed. And there Fidel was looking up at me expectantly and he had his brother with him! We know that Fidel found him and brought him back, because I'm positive Tiberius didn't even know about the back door.

Tiberius was happy to be home, but didn't cuddle until he had cleaned off all the mud and debris from his fur because he's polite like that. And then he slept on my pillow next to my face and we were happy.

And Fidel gets medals. And a parade. He is such a good boy.


Allison said...

What a wonderful true story. And visuals.

BlancaMcleroy1230 said...
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