Apr 13, 2009

Happy Day After Easter / Every Now And Then I Fall Apart

How I Spent My Easter

While perhaps not the most fitting celebration of the Resurrection of Christ, Easter in our household mostly consisted of Mike and Trevor sneaking around the house and shooting each other with the dart guns that they got in their Easter baskets. Since this was Mike and Trevor, this involved a lot of elaborate scheming and the acting out of various male gun fantasies (sci-fi setting with laser guns, mafia hit men, cowboy duels, etc.). Brittany and I helped with the retrieving of ammo, the scheming ("Hey, could you help me for a second, I promise Trevor's not in here....Ahhahaha, he is in here!"), and were often held as hostages ("Do you want me to shot this woman?! Step closer and I'll do it!"). It was altogether a fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Also we had an Easter Feast at the in-laws, that somehow turned into me and my mother-in-law singing the full Saturday's Warrior soundtrack while the rest of the family stared at us blankly and/or begged for us to shut up. It was altogether a find way to spend a Sunday evening.

Thoughts On Break-Up Songs

The man who owned my truck before I did was a very old man and he left in the stereo a very-old-man CD that Trevor and I enjoy listening to from time to time. Most of the music on it is from the late 40s/early 50s (a lot of Perry Como, etc.), and the few songs that are more modern are, well...the Carpenters.

Anyway, this morning I was driving to work and decided to listen to the CD rather than my usual public radio regimen (why I choose this morning instead of every single morning during the recent pledge week, I don't know). During the Carpenter's rendition of "Superstar", I had an inexplicable attack of sadness. A moment of introspection revealed the source of this sadness: I had never listened to this song during a break-up and here I am married and I never plan on having a break-up again. But the song would be so good for it. "Don't you remember you told me you loved me baby?" I know it sucks and I know that any of you currently going through a break-up want to punch me in the face for saying it, but man, heartbreak is an amazing emotional experience.

Music is never truly appreciated until listened to after a hard break-up. I don't care how cheesy that sounds, because it's true. You have not been truly human until you have bitterly sung along to the Whitney Houston version of "I Will Always Love You" after having your heart broken. Or something equivalent.

Certain people (males) have an alternate version of this which involves angry, Rage Against the Machine type stuff, but I refuse to believe that it has the same redeeming power as "Alone" by Heart.

It is very nice being in a very secure relationship, and I certainly wouldn't trade it for the oppotunity to sing "Unbreak My Heart" and feel it, but I'm just saying, enjoy those moments when you have them. It's a worthwhile experience. I will always love the Format's Dog Problems album for getting me through a summer of heartbreak. And music's a much healthier outlet than the ice cream or alcohol or whatever kids do these days plans.


Mel said...

Gosh so true. "And So it Goes" by Billy Joel gets me every single time, regardless of where I am on the single, antsy, relationship, breakup cycle. "I Will Always Love You" kills me too, mostly because it reminds me of that lion hugging his former masters video that Emilee posted on her blog like a year ago.

Allison said...

Right now I'm trying to get figure out how to get Standin' Tall songs out of my head and Saturday's Warrior songs into my head. And I adore you. Excessively.

Steff said...

I read this post over a hour ago and since then I cant get this out of my head...

And so they must learn why they're here and who they really are... They must learn why they're here and who they are!!

I guess it's better than "Daddy's Nose," but I'd still prefer if it were "Zero Population."

Does "He's just a friend/Dear John" count as a breakup song? It should.

mom said...

That sounds like so much fun! I wish I could have joined you in singing. Thanks Kim! Maybe if I sing really loundly from here you can hear me - "Somethings at the gate and coming through..." Or for Allisons sake - "I'm Did, I'm Didn't".

Erin said...

OK, for SHIZ I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING about this song I heard on the radio the other day. I was all, "Man, I wish this was about me," even though it was totally a sad song. I forget what it was...but I take this as evidence that we need to be friends forever. I also wanted Brick to be about me when I was in high school, even though it is about the worst kind of awful experience you can have. A good song will do that to you, I guess.

And for the record, I think I can picture your face while you were thinking about this whole thing.

And one more thing- does that new Romeo and Juliet song bug you? Because it really bugs me.