Dec 6, 2008

The Poem Game

Recent blog idea from Laura: take your very favorite lines from some of your favorite songs and arrange them into a poem (as described here). I have come up with mine. It's significantly shorter than the other ones I've seen, but I personally feel that the point of poetry is to keep things short. I'm pleased with it:

Circus life. Under the big top world.
So long ago, I dreamt about a city built on rock and roll.
I want to believe in you.
Don't you want to dance? Say you want to dance! Don't you want to dance?
Here we are now. Entertain us!

Phony people come to pray.
I had a plan that was built on thinking too long.
I'm not living; I'm just killing time.
When will we say it aloud?
Even if it's alone.

1 comment:

Trev said...

Wow. That was incredible.