Dec 9, 2008

Man, I Feel Like a Woman.

1) I'm having a Christmas party this Friday. As it is a party I'm hosting, there is dressing up involved (what's the point of a party if you wear something you would wear normally?), and "festive attire" is highly encouraged. Meaning the most horribly Christmas-y things you can find. As I was going through my clothes Saturday to see what my options were, I realized I have at least four viable outfit options. I told Trevor about this and he just kind of looked at me and said "You're acting like I should be surprised by this." And then I realized I am the same person that had called him from D.I. just that morning to say "There's this really huge faux fur coat for $12 and I want to buy it because you never know when something like that will come in handy." I'm kind of a huge costume clothes hoarder.

2) You know the cliche scene in many a film/TV program where the woman walks through the construction site and the men are all ridiculous? That happened to me this morning! I was walking to the bus stop through this patch of the road with several men working on it. I heard "Whoop! Brunette crossing!", saw heads whip around at the sound of my high heels on the pavement, and, I'm not making this up, a guy tipped his hat and said "S'cuse me ma'am." It was oddly insulting/flattering, but mostly I just couldn't believe it happened in real life.


Rachael said...

1) wear the coat. :) And something very sparkly.

2) I didn't think that happened either.

Valerie said...

That happened to me as a missionary, and unfortunately "Sister Jones" is a pretty easy name to remember, so whenever we passed the construction workers on Main Street in downtown Woodstock, New Brunswick, they always yelled MY name at the top of their lungs from their ladders and platforms. That is, until that project was finished and they left. Whatever.

As for the party, I would come wearing my black velvet/ white chaffon dress if 1-I was able to attend, and 2-it still fit. I think the fur coat would be a very practical purchase.