Apr 14, 2006

Walking on Sunshine

(originally posted at eclaircie.diaryland.com)

The weather has been so beautiful these last few days. And I’ve been very spring happy. Probably more so than any other spring in my life. And I’m always antsy when I’m inside because I want to be out.

Friday, while walking home from work, I noticed a tiny rock in my shoe. I slipped it off and dumped it out. During the dumping process I noticed how delightful the sidewalk felt on my foot, so I just kept the shoe off. I walked all the way down ninth with one shoe off, enjoying the way steps in the shade were so cool and the steps in the sun were so warm. About halfway down the street I realized that if people noticed me, they’d probably be puzzled about this girl walking with one shoe on and one in her hand. And I hoped that they would be thrown off for a moment until they came up with a story in their minds to settle it (“she dislocated her toe and it doesn’t fit into her shoe anymore”…or something of the like), because that’s what I would do. I went into the neighborhoods to wander because I didn’t want to go home yet and decided it was time to take off my other shoe. And then I could walk on people’s lawns along the sidewalk as long as nobody was looking. Grass. I’m so pleased it’s spring. I wanted to sing to myself, but kept the singing in my head because I wouldn’t want to look too weird. Walking barefoot or singing to yourself aren’t too bad alone, but I couldn’t do both…that’s too much. A little boy who was helping his father plant flowers by digging random holes with his trowel and running his trucks down dirt mounds and saw me and asked why I didn't have on shoes. I told him because the grass felt nice on my feet. He looked at me, took off his sandals, stepped on the grass for a second, then lost interest and went back to his trucks.

Saturday, Emilee and I bought flowers and potting soil at Home Depot for our apartment. And we went on a walk that night and just kept on raving about the weather and the flowers and the birds. And we pulled all of these branches off of a tree because it was in bloom (and afterwards felt ridiculous carrying around this HUGE bouquet…but, whatever) and now they are in a vase on our table and actually taking up like the entire apartment. But they are pretty. We needed flowers.

Emilee: I can see how people fall in love in the spring.

Sunday, I still could hardly stand being inside. I went and took a walk by myself for an hour. Oh man, and I love being alone and quiet. Especially when the sun is shining.

Monday, after school, Emily (because the whole apartment is infected with it) suggested she and I go on a walk. Walks with Emily involve a lot more talking; she’s the sort of person that is uncomfortable with silence. But that’s okay in moderation. It’s not all that difficult to talk to people…I’m trying to learn that.

Emily: Springtime makes me think about sex.

Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday…more of the same. Last night Emilee and I walked up and around the temple and back, which of course brought back memories of the time her and Clinton were walking up there and Thelmo and Candice and Allison P. and I stalked them. We drove by blasting “Won’t Say I’m in Love” and Emilee heard it and thought, “What a coincidence.” It was when we were in a parking lot blasting “Kiss the Girl” that she realized what was going on. Clinton, of course, was oblivious. Oh man, that was such a funny night. When parked next to where they would walk by, the strategy was for Thelmo and Candice to make out in the front to deflect Clinton and Emilee’s eyes, while Allison and I hide under a blanket in the back and make noises and try to make them laugh. Good times, good times.

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