Apr 22, 2006

Raisin Bran

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Last night was probably what we’ll view as the final shebang of the year. The planned final excursion was when the four of us roommates went and got pedicures on Tuesday. Pedicures are nice, but certainly don’t even come close to a good hip-hop-errific (a term I made up on the spot while inviting Steve and Dave to come with us) (and a term that Emilee insisted I use in all the phone calls to our dancing associates afterwards because it was late enough in the day that somehow it was the funniest word ever invented) dance party at the Bran (which is a term I believe Melanie came up for Branbury Park, and has since spread like wildfire all over Provo….meaning Emilee, Steve, Cassyie and I all use it…but it’s catching on, okay?). And can I just say…you have never lived until you’ve seen Sterling dance at a dance where he isn’t trying to impress anyone. And people say Emilee and I are out of control…

And then of course I go to bed at 2/3am despite the fact that I had a final at 7 this morning. I think the test actually went pretty well, but it sucked like nothing else getting up at six. And I looked horrible: hair just thrown up and last night’s makeup kind of still on but mostly all over my face. Ah, well.

I had one of those short-sleeved, polka-dotted, scoop-necked with a bit of puff to the sleeve shirts that you see all over the place when I was still in high school. And nowadays I wear it and look like every other girl in the state of Utah. I was the trendsetter, thank you very much.

So I bought the new muffin-top-blueberry-whatever-it’s-called cereal from Malt-O-Meal and, let me tell you, it’s probably the sweetest cereal I’ve ever had. Texture is like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which means delicious and the flavor tastes exactly like muffin top which means delicious. But it’s soooo sweet. I can hardly eat a whole bowl of it. And I’d eat it for dessert, not for breakfast.

"I think that's probably right" is not something a professor should say while doing an example problem the day before the test.

"There are no dumb questions" is something professors should never ever ever say. Ever. The dumb question askers don't need that kind of encouragement, believe me.

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