Jun 8, 2012

20 Adorable One-Piece Swimsuits Under $50

Faithful reader, MacKenna, asks: "Places to find cute, affordable one-piece swimsuits? Anybody?"

Sure, she wasn't asking me, specifically, (I should have cut out the "Anybody?" bit if I wanted it to make this look like she came to my blog for fashion advice), but the results of my research following her facebook-posed question could not be contained in a mere status comment, so here we are.

I always really want to buy swimsuits at this time of year, but can't justify it. I have six swimsuits and four of them even fit me well enough to be worn in public. Which is plenty, considering I go swimming like eight times a year on average. But they are such a fun article of clothing. You can go crazier with patterns and colors with swimsuits than other things for whatever reason. The last swimsuit I bought is snakeskin pattern. Snakeskin! Who'd've thought I'd ever wear anything in such an ugly print? But I love it on that swimsuit.

Anyway, MacKenna's question allowed me to justify "shopping" for swimsuits, within the rules of "one-piece" and my self-imposed budget of $50 ("affordable"). So for that, I must thank her.

Here are 20 favorites found today, from various sources:

Florals: 1) H&M $34.95, 2) JC Penney $22 
One-Shouldered: 3) Target $34.99, 4) Target $39.99
Black on White: 5) Urban Outfitters $44.99, 6) American Apparel $45
Brights: 7) Target $49.99, 8) American Apparel $31.50
Navy Patterns: 9) Downeast $49.99, 10) JC Penney $30
Vintage Cuts: 11) JC Penney $42, 12) Etsy $40
Tribal Prints: 13) Urban Outfitters $39.99, 14) Macy's $47.99
Ruffles: 15) Etsy $49.99, 16) Target $39.99
Animal Prints: 17) dELiAs $34.50, 18) Target $49.99
Polka Dots: 19) Unique Vintage $50, 20) dELiAs $34.50


Kimberley said...

Andrea, you have excellent taste! Thank you for doing this extensive research! MacKenna will be grateful for your work! <3 you!

M said...

Next time I ask a question on FB, I'll make it school-related so you can do my homework for me.

mom said...

We have found that adding swim shorts to some swim suits or even a sports bra can make the suit have a cute layered look and "fix" problem suits so you feel more comfortable. It was a fun discovery for us and made swimsuit shopping more pleasant. It does jack up the price though. We all found everything we needed at WalMart including the suit!

M said...

PS I ending up buying this swimsuit: http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?productId=1461_3205_615&catId=cat2490006

fortitude_north said...

I once almost bought a bathing suit with skulls on it. no, i haven't become gothic. it's just like the snakeskin - not something i would normally wear but somehow becomes cute and acceptable once it's just a tiny piece of fabric intended to be worn in the sun.


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