Jun 26, 2010

It's that Lara Croft Again

Tomb Raider fan trailer starring our own Trevor Kelley as well as our friends Steven, Trisha, and Trisha's boobs:

Jun 23, 2010

Variety Pack

  • I have yet to work up the courage to swim in my apartment complex pool. It's been open for a couple weeks now and pretty much every day I tell myself I will go for a swim between getting off work and picking up Trevor from work. But then I chicken out. It's so full of Latino children and I just feel out of place. Today when I scouted it out, there were a few people my age there for the first time that I've seen, so maybe today will be the day. Probably not. I should come up with a new exercise routine. Anything other than "think about going to the pool and not go" will do.
  • The mayor of Salt Lake announced that he will be participating in the pie tasting contest at the county fair, among other events. At first I was all excited like "Oh man, I want to watch him stuff his face with pies" but then I realized a pie tasting contest is not synonymous with a pie eating contest. I assume it means he'll be judging pies that people baked, but my second thought then continues into the realm of "I tasted that pie so much better than you!"
  • I've decided to try getting into music again. The line I've been using in general of late is "If it happened post-2006, I don't know it". Which is generally true, though I suppose I'm not to shabby when it comes to 2007. But I've given up on new music because it takes so much time to stay on top of and sift through and then I have to learn new names and lyrics and what's the use if I've got a set of music at home that I like already? Besides, isn't keeping up on music something that you do when you're trying to be cool and I'm so over that game? But there probably is good stuff out there and that I could be appreciating. And I'm afraid of becoming the old person that is always talking about how music was good back in their day. Well, and Trevor and Tylor are talking about getting a band together again and being in touch with what's going on currently in the music world can help me appreciate/understand anything they create that I'm asked an opinion. Because I'm a comparative appreciator of music. If that makes sense.
  • Back when I last registered to vote, I registered with a party even though I consider myself pretty moderate/independent because I figured at least it would mean I could vote in the primaries. Did I vote yesterday? Nope.
  • Default setting in my brain for the last couple months has been "To the Dogs or Whoever" by Josh Ritter. If I find myself zoning out, I catch myself singing "Deep in the belly of a whale I found her..." I've realized that a favorite feature of mine in music is lots of words. I think because I like singing along so much and when there are lots of words (strung quickly together...even better) in a song, it's way fun to sing. As long as the words make sense. But not too much sense.
  • My new car has a sticker in one of the windows with a panda and another window has a sticker for some karate place (with, yes, an American flag with some kid high kicking in front of it). I feel neither of these suit me whatsoever. Someday I kind of want to do one of those family car sticker things. Actually, we will end with an illustration:

Jun 19, 2010

Way to go Pixar

So you've already read it, but Toy Story 3 is terrific. I laughed. I cried. I felt terribly guilty about any toys I may have given or thrown away as I grew older.

Jun 18, 2010

Trendy Shmendy

Pho is a good young people food because old people have never heard of it and we can think ourselves superior when they mispronounce it. I first heard of it only a couple months ago and I swear the stuff is all over the place now (perhaps Utah is behind the times, as usual; or it could be just a regional obsession, I don't know). All of a sudden, the need to consume the stuff is present in various groups of people I associate with. It's like the day in 4th grade when suddenly everyone you knew had a Tamagotchi and you'd never heard of it because you didn't watch as much TV as your peers. Except this time I'm not asking my parents for pho for my birthday. Probably won't try pho until/if there's ever a drive-thru version in town. I'm not leaving my car for food. What do you think this is, a nation where less than half of the citizens are overweight?

Jun 16, 2010

Here in My Car

I have reentered the wheeled population as of Monday. Dark blue 1993 Chevy Lumina purchased from friends. Having a car is very liberating. Also, expensive. The car was pretty dang cheap for a running vehicle, but it's still a larger than average purchase and then there's insurance/registration/gas. And the less inherent factor that it's much easier to eat out or go shopping or take trips with a car that will probably increase our living expenses.

The freedom that a car produces is like no other. You can go anywhere and so quickly. The extra time! The walk/busride/waitfornextbus/busride/walk commute to work would take me just short of 2 hrs each direction. The work commute is 15-20 minutes one way now. That allows me with a significant amount of extra time in a day that I am so excited about. And grocery shopping will be infinitely easier. I've really missed the proximity to WalMart of our old apartment (and basically nothing else...the new apartment is so much better...almost because it's so much more ghetto).

The day that I bought a car, Allison posted this. And I thought it was a cool coincidence that she would post about wanting a car the day I got the car so I commented about that. But what I actually meant to say is, "Allison, I've got a car now and if you ever need someone to take you to get your hair cut or go grocery shopping or anything else, please let me know and I'm happy to help you out." And that really goes for anyone who is in need of a ride out there who lives in these parts. I've bummed so many rides off the world that I definitely owe the world a few. So let me know if I can be of service.

Though I of course would still want to live in one of these places. I do really like walking. (Also, I want to live in NYC because I've been rewatching Gossip Girl with a friend who has never experienced it, but that's a different story...). Alas, my current residence has a walk score of 48.

Oh, and more NPR in my life. Take me to work, Diane Rehm, and take me back home, Kai Ryssdal.

Jun 11, 2010

What are necessary elements (as well as unnecessary but favorable elements) to a successful garden party?

Hi, Allison.

As a successful planner of numerous failed garden parties, I consider myself an expert on the subject and am glad you have come here for advice. The following elements should be considered:


Obviously a garden is kind of a key element. Though garden is a pretty loose term here, as really a lawn is about all that is really required. Weather should be appropriate for prolonged outdoor activity, so try to plan accordingly (though really all you can do is hope that it won't rain and not be a complete moron and plan it for January or something). Generally late afternoon is about right as it will still be light out, but nobody wants to go out in the morning/mid-day. Aside from some form of greenery, shade and seating need to be taken into consideration.


As with most parties, milling about and general chatter will probably be the primary activity for your guests, but it is highly encouraged to have games on hand to keep people entertained. Lawn games and garden parties go along hand-in-hand, so have at them. A few games to consider: croquet, badminton, bocce, egg rolling, lawn darts. Though essentially any party game could work if brought outdoors (Pictionary on blankets with an easel on the lawn would be fun, for example).


While I don't recommend going with a strict theme for the party as a whole, I would recommend sticking to something fairly specific for the food. You can go with a Southern theme (watermelon, fried chicken or something barbecue-y, mint juleps, etc.), an English theme (cucumber sandwiches, scones, tea, etc.), a French theme (baguettes or croissants, cheese, creme puffs, etc.), whatever suits your fancy. But maybe that's just me. I mean, I suppose you can't really go wrong with like fruit and vegetable trays and some punch. And though it takes away from a little of the formality aspect, feel free to delegate food responsibilities to some of the closer friends attending; most people our age these days are on a budget.


Dress for a garden party has already been extensively covered here . As a host/hostess, it is imperative that you make it clear to each invitee that dressing up is highly encouraged (Unless you don't care, I suppose, but who doesn't care? Outfits are the best part of any themed party). Also be prepared to offer advice/encouragement to invitees who may be nervous about their attire for the event. If you want to go all out, you may even want to have some props on hand (parasols, fans, canes, hats, etc.) so that people who aren't as done up for the event can have something to make them fit in better in pictures.


Decor can be fairly simple, as just the outdoor setting creates the atmosphere you're looking for. If you have lawn furniture, it can add a nice touch and be practical. Paper lanterns are kind of nice and outdoorsy, though not really necessary unless you're wanting to do things in the evening (which I don't recommend as the games would be trickier if it's darker out). I also think mirrors are always fun to have around at dress up parties, because everybody likes to see themselves in costume (right? I'm not the only vain person here, right?). Whether you have some big mirrors to prop up somewhere or maybe some little mirror squares on the table or something, they act as both classy but simple decor and add to the fun. Flowers are also good, if you have some garlands to put around the food or whatever.

Ask me anything...you know, that isn't incriminating.

Jun 8, 2010

Maybe she's born with it...

Every once in a while, I think I should spice up my life with a new mascara and every time I end up disappointed. Yes, I've been doing it for years now, but Maybelline Full 'n' Soft, let's stick together for many future years.