Jun 18, 2010

Trendy Shmendy

Pho is a good young people food because old people have never heard of it and we can think ourselves superior when they mispronounce it. I first heard of it only a couple months ago and I swear the stuff is all over the place now (perhaps Utah is behind the times, as usual; or it could be just a regional obsession, I don't know). All of a sudden, the need to consume the stuff is present in various groups of people I associate with. It's like the day in 4th grade when suddenly everyone you knew had a Tamagotchi and you'd never heard of it because you didn't watch as much TV as your peers. Except this time I'm not asking my parents for pho for my birthday. Probably won't try pho until/if there's ever a drive-thru version in town. I'm not leaving my car for food. What do you think this is, a nation where less than half of the citizens are overweight?

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