Jul 23, 2010

Change the World. Vote!

The husband is requesting short hair. And I suppose I could go for a change. Generally short hair seems more stylish. Long hair can be stylish as well, of course, but it requires some work and, let's be honest, I'm pretty much ponytailing it every day. Also, I love how easy it is to blow dry your hair when it's short.

So time for your input. Which of the following short hairstyles do you like best? (or, of course, give your own suggestions in the comments). (Note for the men in the audience: I know this is hard for you guys, but please try to think about what haircut would look best and not which model is the hottest.)

Mod. Short tapered bang, shorter in the back. Most retro of the options, which is something I dig. The little curl in front is terrific, and wouldn't be that difficult to style. Not a particularly versatile option (I guess it could be worn wavy?), but it's cute enough that it might be worth the fact that my hair would look much the same everyday.

Boycut. The shortest of the options. Arguably the most fashion-forward . Will have to make sure to do clothes and makeup in such a way that I'm not mistaken for umm...is there a polite word for the very-masculine-lesbian-type? Can I also say, I love what's going on with the color with this one (not that this is a color discussion rather than a cut discussion, but yeah, I love).

Emo. Straight bangs that could also be swept to the side, significantly shorter in the back. I would do something like this, but a little more choppy (there's something weirdly round about this picture, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for). I like that I'd still have a little bit of length, though I'm not really sure why.

Romantic. A somewhat layered bob. Bangs would have to be trimmed regularly to keep in check, but I do love the way they bring attention to the eyes when they hang just there (also...wouldn' t be required to keep eyebrows in check with this length, haha!) To go for the wispy effect in the picture this one would require a little more styling time, which I wouldn't do everyday, but I think it would probably be fine just letting it dry naturally, too (though I do particularly love the wispy thing).

Classic. Basic bob with longer, side-swept bangs (as I've decided while looking through pictures that no short hairstyle looks good without at least some sort of bang). The most versatile option, as far as ways it can be worn, which is appealing, but it's also not a particularly exciting cut.


Anonymous said...

I need to comment in order to explain my vote. Objectively, I probably like the mod look best, because it is the most vintage. But trying to picture which of these looks would suit specifically you the best, I think you would look great with either the Romantic or Emo, so I voted for Romantic. Boycut I think would be difficult to pull off...would have to be cut just right and then styled carefully everyday with appropriate look...I would be trepidatious.

Note also that I've never had the guts to cut my hair this short.


Trev said...


Rachael said...

I clicked to comment, and L (Laura?) already said everything I was going to.

Also, if you don't already have a stylist and aren't going to do it like today, mine (my cousin Ari) is moving to Provo/Orem in a couple weeks...she's fantastic and quite reasonable.

mom said...

Sis. Lauritzen has a cut that I think would look cute on you.

elbailandosol said...

1. I was torn between the mod and the romantic, but I voted mod.

2. On second thought, I agree with her in that I think the romantic would look best on you, although you most certainly could pull off the mod.

3. I agree with Trevor.

4. I demand pics as soon as this haircut is done!

5. Would I look good in bangs?