Mar 14, 2010

3.14...because I can't help myself

Happy Pi Day!
Let's all say "hey"! (hey!)
We are math nerds!
We are not birds! (tweet, tweet!)

Oh, my family...I believe the Pi Day Song has been around for a good six or seven years now, and there is no sign of it stopping.

I had already moved out of the house the year that Nate, Melissa and Marsha (maybe Jared? maybe Jenny?) had their who-can-memorize-the-most-digits-of-pi-before-Pi-Day contest a few years back, and I'm sure I didn't miss out on much. I'm kind of burnt out on the "let's be nerdy for nerdy's sake" thing.

However, Pi Day is a significant holiday in the Wonnacott family liturgical calendar, and I must pay my respects.


Rachael said...

Oh Pi Day. I don't know why it still matters to me anymore. But it does. It probably always will.

mom said...

Random facts about pi are that the 358th-360th digits of pi are 360 Nathan's birthday is 6/28(half of 3/14) and Melissa's birthday is 9/14 (pi days half birthday) Albert Eintstien was born on pi day It is a pretty fascinating number that doesn't seem to end and they haven't found any patterns that repeat themselves Pretty cool!

毅力 said...

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