Feb 7, 2010

Saints or Colts?

Points for consideration:
  • I lived in Indiana for two years.
  • Drew Brees was a crucial part of my winning team in the office fantasy football tournament (oh, how they hate when the girl who doesn't care at all wins).
  • My least favorite of the men I've dated was from the New Orleans area.
  • Blue and white are BYU colors, so I like.
  • Black and gold are Purdue colors, so I like (particularly because they use "old gold" rather than "that color that people call gold but is actually yellow").
  • I've always kind of wanted to live in New Orleans.
  • I don't want to be perceived as one of the masses who think the Saints somehow deserve the win because of Hurricane Katrina. (Onion story I loved from last season: http://www.theonion.com/content/news/bears_inspire_a_city_still_reeling).
  • Even when I lived in Indiana, "the city" was Chicago more than Indianapolis. I actually pretty much only think of that one time I went ice skating in Indianapolis when I think about the place and I'm not really that fond of ice skating.
Ehh...the fleur-de-lis prettier than the horseshoe so...Saints it is.


Rachael said...

"that color that people call gold but is actually yellow" Even worse is when they say that gold is that mustard-y color my old house in Ridgecrest used to be.

And your method of picking a team is about the same as mine...hmm...pretty colors, etc. :)

Steff said...

Wait! But Austin Collie plays for the Colts! Does that count for anything?

Andrea said...

I didn't realize until later on Super Bowl Sunday that Austin Collie plays for the Colts. It may have been a decision-swaying fact, but the decision had been made already and no amount of logic could stop it.

Valerie said...

That article was a fav. Poor Bears.