Jul 30, 2009

Book Cart Drill Team Champ

Thank you All Things Considered, for giving me a really really good reason to be a librarian.

I can't decide if my favorite quote from the story is "Our carts at home don't do wheelies as well as the models we use here. These are full-competition models." or "There's a stereotype that librarians are boring. And I think they want to change that stereotype to 'librarians are crazy.' "

Dear my family,

I think we should all become librarians, because we would totally rock this competition. I know you agree. Thank you.

Love, Andrea


Allison said...

I'm thinking that you and your family should become librarians, get Brian Freidman to help with choreography, and compete and dominate,thus making the whole world wildly jealous and more literate.

mom said...

I'm in!