Jun 18, 2009

Come Home Kitty...please

My cat Lyric has been missing for about a week now. It's really quite distressing for me, Trevor, and our other cat Julius. We've asked around the neighborhood, checked the local animal shelter, worriedly scanned the roadkill on nearby streets and no sign of him. I bought new kitty toys and cat food bowls and kitty treat food hoping that it would entice him home (I know he has no way of knowing that, but I'm not a rational person when it comes to my cats). He goes on outdoor kitty adventures from time to time, but he's never been gone for more than a couple days before.

Lyric is such a good cat. He's beautiful and has so much personality. And lets me hold him like a baby. And has wolf fur. And meows like he's been smoking for 30 years. And he's so affectionate. And I just love him. He's an important part of our little family. I've been crying too much lately, worried about him.

If he doesn't come home by the end of the month, we'll probably get another cat, which will be nice, but nobody can replace Lyric. Such a sweet cat. And if he never shows up and we never know why he disappeared, I'll forever explain it with a vision of an old lady taking him in. This old lady has grandchildren who visit frequently who love to play with and pet Lyric and they spoil him with all the people food he wants and she doesn't mind when he climbs up on the keyboard, which for some reason is his favorite place in the house to lie...he is happy there and it will be okay.


Allison said...

I shall keep Lyric in my prayers. I hope that he shows up soon.

emilee said...

I am so sorry, andrea. I know how heart-wrenching that can be. I love you.

Steff said...

yikes! I hope Lyric comes back!! I like the granny story if he doesn't come back... but I think he will! And when he does I would tell people he was definitely in some type of "Homeward Bound" situation and did everything he could to make it back to you!

mom said...

Did Lyric make it home yet?