Apr 5, 2008

Name Googling

So it's important, of course, to google one's own name once in a while to see if anything comes up. Upon a recent check of my maiden name, I found the usual: scholarship stuff, facebook, etc. The state science fair roster from when I was in 7th grade doesn't come up anymore, but used to. So nothing too exciting. Until recently. I found my name in this article. I don't know why this is so exciting to me, as it's obviously talking crap about the company I work for, but it's kind of cool.

I looked up the customer who wrote that post and what happened was he had two accounts with us and sent in a written cancellation request specifically for one of them but not for the other (the email that he quotes in his post was not the first cancellation request he sent in, the initial one was not nearly as clear that he wanted to cancel both accounts). So his other site was up and he still needed to pay hosting until we received a cancellation request for the other one. I got to be the lucky one to call this guy and tell him he was past-due on hosting. Even if he thought we had canceled the other account, we rendered the service of hosting his site and he definitely owed the money. And I'll have you all know that I eventually got him to pay (after plenty of bugging him, but that's essentially what my job is, so there you have it). It was a hard-earned $2 commission or whatever 5% of the small amount he had past-due was.

It's funny, I'm generally much more of a mercy-over-justice-type person, but I love my job.

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James said...

Just so you know, I use google reader now so I rarely hit actual blogger now :3 (It's nice becuase now I don't have to remember all the places that I usually read, but won't miss one if I've forgotten for a while)