Feb 28, 2015


Store Clerk: I love your nails!

Me: Yeah, I know skulls tend to skew a little junior post-whenever-Alexander-McQueen-died, but I felt like they were still pretty fun, though I don't think they'll last very long because I didn't apply them very well.

Announcer: Congraaaaaaaatulations! By filling in squares "Downplaying anything positive about yourself", "Over-thinking every single aspect of everything", "Acting like a know-it-all", and "Focusing on the worries of the future at expense of the present" in a single sentence, you just won Andrea's Flaws Bingo!

Quick Plug: I got the nail wraps through my sister-in-law who sells Jamberry. If you like nail art, check out all cool designs they have at her shop here.

Feb 23, 2015

Trevor Turns 30

And now for a post of mostly pictures documenting a life event like I'm one of those kind of bloggers (nothing wrong with that, just not my typical). Don't worry, all of the photos are stolen off of other attendees social media outlets. I'm the worst about photo-documenting my life.

We had a "Farewell to the Roarin' 20s" themed party for Trevor's 30th birthday.

A variety of levels of dressing up. Aviator Caden is probably my favorite.
Happy birthday, dear Trevor.
Trevor was very pleased that he blew out the candles with his nose. Nobody ate any cake.
We are pretty.
Trevor and I have a weirdly large collection of wigs gathered over the years. So that came out, naturally.