Feb 28, 2013


Winston on the day we gave him away :(
  • Still working out a lot. Currently drenched in sweat from hot yoga. And really not sure why I suddenly like this stuff so much. I was never ever into physical activities. But I guess it's good for me.
  • Winston is no longer a part of our family. He was just too big and active of a dog for our house. And we couldn't figure out a way to supervise him as much as he needed or any good way of enclosing him somewhere during the day where he wouldn't be able to chew cords and jump on Trevor and it caused one too many problems. He has a new family now where he's hopefully enjoying more space and living a good life. I love him and it makes me really sad that my puppy is gone, but it's for the best. We were idiots for getting a dog without knowing anything about him. Noob mistake. I feel like a total failure when I think about Winston pup. I tried so hard for the four months we had him, but I just didn't have the time and space for him. Super depressing. We'll get a smaller and less active dog next time. Probably not until after we move (dogs make moving harder). I definitely want one again, but we were not ready this last time.
  • Trevor will be filming a sitcom pilot in LA next week. It's fun to dream about what could happen if the show gets picked up and takes off (what will I wear to the third season premier party?), but I know that very few TV pilots actually get made into shows and very few TV shows last very long, so let's not think too far ahead. The immediately exciting thing is that Trevor will be getting some good experience in the industry he hopes to make a career of.
  • I'm almost done reading Brigham Young: Pioneer Prophet, and it is pretty good. Not Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling good, but still something I can't put down. I've been a little obsessed with Mormon history lately. Mormon history is my history. A lot of my ancestors are good old-fashioned Mormon pioneer polygamist sorts. And I, of course, grew up very into Mormonism as my faith. I only ever read the official church histories growing up, though, and it's been utterly fascinating to put the stories I've known my whole life into the greater historical context and think about them academically rather than spiritually. 

Feb 10, 2013


Note: I wrote this post when I was very sick last Wednesday and apparently never hit post. It is not very well-written, which I will blame on being very sick, but I'm not editing now because I'm tired. Deal with it.

I had no New Year's Resolutions having to do with my health this year, but my ride to work did, so I ended up getting a gym pass with her and have been going to the gym for an hour before work three or four days a week for the last month. I would never have done it if it weren't for the friend I'm going with, but it does feel pretty good (except the getting up early part). We do a lot of different stuff at the gym, which I guess is good so we're not getting bored and we're constantly challenging our bodies with different routines. Some days are straight cardio on the treadmill or stair machine or elliptical or cycle; some days are straight weight machines focusing on arms or legs or abs or whatever on any given day; some days are a mix of cardio and strength stuff. I've discovered I have really weak arms. Arm days are always the sorest for me later. The rest of me's in pretty decent shape, but there's always more strength and endurance and flexibility to work on.

Having a small apartment and a big dog means I spend a lot more time outdoors than I would usually during the winter. I take him outside for walks and fetch for at least an hour every day. It's great bonding time for me and Winston and even with the cold it's great to be outside so much. And of course, it's even more exercise for me.

I've spent so little time online lately. I never know what's on the frontpage of reddit anymore. I only check facebook maybe once a day. I only check the blogs I follow about once a week. I'm still a nerd more than a jock, though, I promise.

I have a hard time spelling exercise. There are tons of ways to spell it that make sense to me. Exersize, Excersise, Excersize, Exercize, etc.