Dec 27, 2005


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I had a dream last night that I got married (I don’t think I even knew who to in the dream, but that isn’t important) and my wedding reception was Sylvia Belt’s (same place, samw decorations…I was even working with the refreshments like I was at Sylvia’s, but of course wearing a wedding dress) and at the part when it was time to sing (Sylvia and Montana sang a duet at their reception) I sang Take Me Out To The Ball Game to my husband. Which makes it official: Take Me Out To The Ball Game has overrun my life. I don’t know why it’s been stuck in my head for the last week, but it’s always there and I’ll never be free. But I haven’t really been that tired of it, it’s just always there. And when we were caroling Christmastime about 79045 times: “Andrea! Take Me Out To The Ball Game is NOT a Christmas song!!”

Dec 26, 2005


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I've been quite sick these last few days. Rotating sickness, if you know what I I'll feel normal except a bit of a sore throat for a couple hours, but then I'll be completely dead for the next few hours. And then I'll be fine again. And then I'll be like...delirious. Which is kind of fun...but not especially. And I only have the vaguest recollection of writing the last entry...hmmm.

Dec 23, 2005

take me out to the ball game

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Is it a bad thing if I’ve been on eight first dates in my life and one second?

The only thing the once mighty England does is sit around in the North Atlantic and occasionally spew out a really good band. Which is enough to not nuke them.

Dec 14, 2005

I'm Hungry

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For some reason it took me until today to realize that my TAs for 201 and 221 are both named Nate and are in fact, separate people. And that would explain why I got conflicting emails from “Nate”. I’ve been confused all week, really. Because I remembered him sending me a message saying it was too late to turn in our book critiques when I asked him where we should turn them in. And I was so frustrated because I thought they were due today. And then I get a message from him saying to make sure we get our critiques in by 2pm today. And I figured Dr. Walker had changed his mind, or Nate had been confused or something, but I was still somewhat puzzled. And finally, re-looking through things, I realize I emailed the wrong Nate about the book critique and of course it was too late to turn in my 201 one and…man, way too save me from lots of grief that discovery.

According to Wikipedia, Warner Bros is releasing Anamaniacs on DVD summer of '06, but we can't find anywhere else that says that, meaning, they've lied to us all. But please just let it be true. Oh Animaniacs, how I love thee.

My trusty Jansport that I’ve had for the last six years of my life, is starting to go on me. One of the straps is half-detached (or half-attached…for those optimists out there). It’ll probably still last through this next semester or so, but it’ll go soon, and I’ll be sad to see it go. We’ve been through a lot together. Let’s just remember me in 8th grade when I got it. I was a totally different person back then. Well, I was still obviously brilliant and pretty and hilarious, but still…

It’s Christmas treat day at work. today. Not to be confused with part-timer appreciation Christmas party. (Yes, I know I’m tremendously spoiled at work…best job ever, really). And there’s talk about busting out the chocolate fountains again. Which means more white chocolate-covered broccoli for me. Stop judging…it’s good, I promise.

Dec 12, 2005

Sorry, Laura, but it had to be said

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I was going to quote one of my favorite haiku poets, because I thought this was genius, and also oh so pertaining to life:

That which rules my life
is aim instant messenger.
How tragic this is

But then I realized it has a fundamental flaw. An unforgivable flaw really: acronym redundancy. Let’s just recall that the “im” of aim stands for instant messenger. And I don’t want to hear any arguments that the need for syllables makes this acceptable. It’s like when people say HIV virus…that one really irks me. The V stands for virus, okay, people??

Oh the bitterness

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Ahh...sibling rivalry..

Me: Listen...your ACT score may be a point higher than mine, but that doesn't mean anything. I mean, let's look at who got a John Phillip Sousa Award and who didn't in this family.

Jared: Hey...all I have to do is kill off Greg Bergeman and I totally have a chance at one myself, don't be so quick to judge. And let's recall who went to Mathcounts and who was just an alternate.

Me: Ohhh...low blow. I knew I should've killed Tony Viet when I had the chance.

Jared: Well, as long as we're killing people, maybe I'll just kill off several people and be valedictorian this year. You could never beat that.

Me: Well...I probably would've had to kill off less people than you to become valedictorian...take that!

Jared: No fair! West Side was a smaller school!

Me: You know what, I'm sick and tired of this insubordination. I'm older, which means I'm better. End of story. Plus, I'm going to punch your lights out once I get home.

My roommates: I've never heard Andrea so violent before.

Me: Hey, this all started with him saying Mr. Conaway liked him better than me. We all know that's a false, cruel lie. He deserves whatever's coming to him.

Dec 8, 2005

Ready to March...Hi Ho Silver!

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Emilee had an orchestra concert last night. Of course the best piece was titled something like “Christmas Extravaganza Festival Overture Spectacular” and involved audience sing-a-long to popular Christmas tunes. And one point where everyone in the orchestra shouts “Merry Christmas!” and you know that they all hate it and realize it’s the lamest thing ever, but still conductors insist on those stupid yell out things occasionally. I don’t know why. The best one I’ve ever heard of was someone’s high school orchestra (I don’t remember who…Melanie’s maybe?), they had to yell “Hi ho Silver!” during the grand pause in William Tell Overture. Such a bad idea.

And they played the Adagietto movement from Mahler’s 5th Symphony. I’d never heard it before, but am now a huge fan. I don’t know if I was just emotional last night or what, but I was crying during the whole thing. And thinking about all the happiest moments in my life, or at least trying to think of them, but I could only think of two. But it was just a really pretty piece, okay?

And of course I spent a lot of time in envy of the people in the orchestra. And I’ve decided I’m trying out for marching band next year. I really am. Who says I can’t be involved in extracurricular activities in college? Just because I haven’t been before, that doesn’t mean anything. And I’m totally excited for it. I wish I could also do real band or orchestra, but there are a ton of flute-playing music majors and they get priority in auditions, meaning I couldn’t get in. Except to the University Band, which is audition-less and everyone gets in…meaning that it sucks. But marching band, mmm, it’ll feel good to do that again.

There's a Place For Us...A Time (get it? time! bahaha) and Place For Us

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Melanie: I had a dream last night that my program director's daughter was dating the time 2:30.

The rest of the planet: Whaaaat??!!

Melanie: Hey, they were pretty serious. I think you should stop judging people that are in love and maybe watch West Side Story, you Capulet.

Dec 5, 2005

The Electronics Field in Utah: A Seminar

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So according to Dr. Cannon, Utah invented the internet. And we all thought it was Al Gore. And apparently Microsoft = why Utah isn't the richest state in the union. Though the majority of the lecture was actually about Dr. Cannon being bitter that he was advised to learn WordStar ("They told me it was the wave of the future.") instead of WordPerfect (which was, I'm happy to say, invented in Utah) when he was in college.

Dec 2, 2005


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So we were processing applications yesterday and my coworker comes across a seminary recommendation for Elizabeth Smart. At first we were like "Wouldn't that be creepy to have your name be Elizabeth Smart?" and then looked through the form and realized it was THE Elizabeth Smart. Oh man, and her teacher actually wrote next to the place where you check how many years they've completed "would have completed four years if she hadn't have been kidnapped her freshman year". But anyway, there's no way we're denying her, is my guess. Even if she...well, perhaps I shouldn't just post her ACT score on the internet, I'm pretty sure that would break some sort of confidentiality law.

So that's probably the most exciting application I've seen go through our office. Though obviously some of those last names I see are also worth a mention. Poor Mr. Beeftink and Miss Tittlefitz. I can't believe those are real names.

Dec 1, 2005

dance it up

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I'm in desperate times grocery-wise. I think worse I've ever been in. All I have is some frozen green beans and Wheaties and some cheese. And then various odds and ends type things that you have to have something with it: peanut butter, soy sauce, honey, salt, etc. That's really it. And I'm somehow expected to survive until Saturday afternoon. We'll see what happens. Probably a lot of stealing roommate's food. Oh well.

I used to be so against hip hop and rap. But nowadays, it's a bit of a different story. There's just some really great dance stuff. I'm not going to lie...I actually really have enjoyed the massive amounts of Black Eyed Peas we've had going on here. And I've said it a million times, but I'm so jealous of Emilee and Melanie's hip hop class. They have some totally sweet moves nowadays.

Though obviously, I'm already an amazing dancer. It's all that practice with roommate dance parties and family dance parties (where it's perfectly okay to make a fool of yourself)...oh man, such good times. Though I haven't been to a real dance for about a year now, not since the days of Gates. Well, unless you count country dancing, but I don't, it's totally different. Hmm, probably our stake will have a dance for New Year's Eve, but who knows if that'll be any good. Last time I attended it was fun, but let's recall that was 10th grade and I spent the majority of the time flirting with Brandon MacGregor, so...things have changed a little since those days. But if my siblings go, it should be fun.

I love being old enough that you don't fight with your siblings anymore and you all are smart/mature enough to have decent conversations. Jared and Nate and Melissa and Marsha are honestly my very favorite people to hang out with (don't tell my roommates...and they are obviously a close second). Though it's always sad for poor Jenny, who thinks she's cool enough to hang out with the older kids but isn't. And that sounded really harsh...for the record, I love Jenny to pieces.