Oct 30, 2005

The Good Life

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In fifteen years, if neither Emilee nor I are married, we have this great life plan worked out. We're going to live in a shack in the Appalachians. And in our shack is nothing but two cots, a tv that only gets Style Network (because let's be honest, who wants to live without How Do I Look?), a microwave and a lifetime supply of instant oatmeal. And we're going to wear those dresses that button all the way down the front, but of course about five sizes to big. Occasionally, we'll wear wife beaters and shortalls instead. And when we're doing dishes or tending the garden, we'll wear doo rags. And we'll grow our hair out insanely long and it'll be all nasty because we never brush it or wash it. And every month we go into town to buy supplies on our mule-drawn buggy with hydraulics. And also in town, we'll advertise for our monthly hip hop dance party (we keep the sound system and strobe light and disco ball in the outhouse). And in the morning we eat oatmeal and later in the day we eat BLT's. We grow the tomato and lettuce in our garden and every month we buy a pig to slaughter. And the bread we make by grinding up the contents of the regular flavored oatmeal packets, because who eats the regular anyway?

So basically, now I'm really hoping that I don't get married, and I'll also try to keep Emilee from doing it.

It's the most wonderful time of the year...meaning pumpkin flavored ice cream

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Yay! We're seeing all sorts of egg nog and pumpkin-flavored treats in the store and it's definitely something to get excited about.

Oct 29, 2005


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You know, beginning of this football season I said to myself: "Probably BYU will suck again, but at least I'll have Purdue to root for." Well, the good ol' boilers have not pulled through for me. 2-5? Even BYU's at 3-4...And do we remember at the beginning of the season when Purdue was ranked like 12ish to 18ish? I don't think I'm watching either game today...last few weekends both teams lose and it just puts a damper on your spirits.

Oct 27, 2005


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So I'm going up to Salt Lake November 18th and seeing a midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie. And it doesn't feel that nerdy. Instead I'm just jealous that Emilee owns a Harry Potter cloak and Melanie has a Harry Potter wand and I don't have anything.

There's a dumbledoreisnotdead.com, but I think those poor people are deluding themselves and just setting themselves up for disappointment. However, if there was a snapeisstillgood.com, I'd totally join, so there you have it.

I've always loved Harry Potter, but living with Melanie and Emilee turns you into a fanatic.

Oct 24, 2005


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So biggest event of the weekend (oh...except the one that I don't want to think about) was doing glamour shots Saturday night. It was so much fun doing each other's hair and make-up extravagantly and coming up with poses and such. Oh man...so ridiculous and one of my favorite this year roommate memories thus far.

"Well this is progressing...as they would say in the..um, Progressive Era of the United States."

"Have you ever noticed that the right side of you lips is fuller than the left side?" "No, but thanks for pointing out something that's going to make me self-concious for the rest of my life."

“Just make love to the camera.” “I can’t make love when there’s a male in the room!”

“My hair is the most useless thing on the planet.” “Have you never heard of Lil’ Bow Wow?”

Oct 22, 2005

Sweeping the Kitchen

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"Why is there more rice than there is in China on our kitchen floor?" "Because this is Taiwan." "What? Also, Taiwan is China." "I think you should go tell them that."

"Umm, you guys have free reign on my fishsticks, I don't know why I decided to buy a lifetime supply. It was the day my mom called and told me Mittens died and I just thought that meant I needed fishsticks."

"You can never have enough cheese in your fridge." "Amen and hallejuia!"

Oct 21, 2005

Okay, so it didn't last long

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Just for you...

New look

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Hahahaha, this is truly hideous. I'm a fan, indeed.

So time to studystudyworkworkwork, then I can party all weekend. I don't have any tests next week, and it's going to be glorious. Oh wait, I have a paper due, that's just as bad...good ol' school. Oh well, it's not like I have a pesky social life to conflict with things.

"Man, if only I had a Harry Potter ringtone. I would have so many friends."

Oct 19, 2005

humor, cleaner and china

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The only thing funnier than making fun of other races is making fun of Helen Keller. I’m sorry if it’s offensive, she’s just a great staple of humor.

So this morning I got half-way through the normal dusting and wiping of tables before I realized that the cleaner I was using was not the nuetral cleaner that I always use at all and instead it was Tough Duty. And suddenly it made sense why the tables had seemed so much dirtier than normal today, because that stuff will take off anything and so there was tons of dirt on my rag. It’s probably good that the tables get some tough cleaning once in a while..but now I’m worried someone will rest their head on their desk today and find that their face comes off, because it really is powerful cleaner.

“I’m sick and tired of hearing how the Holocaust was the most catastrophic event of human history. 6 million people? That’s nothing. Everything the Chinese do is HUGE. Except their houses…very tiny.” –Dr. Murdock

Oct 18, 2005


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How come nobody ever told me that Gorbachev did Pizza Hut commercials? And why is that the funniest thing that's ever happenned in the history of civilization?

I'm starting to get ill; oh this lovely time of year.

I'm not going to lie, sometimes it's just really refreshing to listen to my eighth grade music. You know what I'm talking about: boy bands. But a lot of the fast songs are good dance music, and a lot of the slow songs are...okay sappy beyond reason. But that doesn't stop me from sitting there thinking "this is the story of my life" because let's face it, I'm a sentimental sapsucker myself.

On the high school version of facebook they can have photo albums, and I'm slightly jealous.

I'm talking with the man in the mirror

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Some days I just look in the mirror and think, "Oh man, I'm pretty sure no one could love that thing; how is it that I even have friends?" And other days it's more like, "Oh man, I'm like the hottest thing alive; how is it that not every guy on the planet is madly in love with me?" And it's funny, because I look essentially the same every day and it's the same bathroom mirror. I guess it has to do with what I look at that day. Like...am I focused on the giant zit on my chin or the way my hair falls against my shoulders in soft waves...hahaha, or something like that?

So something possessed me to take my Utah history test last night instead of waiting until today or tommorrow. I thought that I wanted to just get it out of the way, but...oh man, three hours of essay test on zero sleep? What was I thinking? I did okay, I'm pretty sure, but it was a killer three hours.

So Sunday night was actually the first time I've ever stayed up all night before. Kind of crazy. But I'm glad it didn't end earlier or you may have had a very depressed Andrea on your hands. Or a wildly excited liberated Andrea. Okay, so not.

Oct 17, 2005


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I’ve been eating at L&T too much. I’m pretty much addicted. Nothing else even seems like an appealing lunch anymore. It’s just so yummy. It’s pretty healthy too, (hooray vegetables!), so it’s the money that means I can’t eat there every day of my life. Because as wonderful as “pickofthegardenontomatotogo” (I’ve gotten so good at saying this, I challenge any of you to a “pick of the garden on tomato to go” duel, and I promise I’ll win) is….it is much cheaper to just go with a packed peanut butter and jelly sandwich and yogurt. Oh man….peanut butter… mmmmmhehehehe (if you don’t get it, the comment’s not for you and don’t ask).

Oct 12, 2005

long set of randomness again

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  • I had one of those illuminating realization of differentiation moments yesterday. The Aryans are totally a different group of people than the Arians. It’s one of those things that I’d never really caught before and suddenly everything makes sense. It feels like that moment a couple of years ago when I realized that the Balkans and the Baltic nations are totally different parts of Europe. My favorite story about non-realization of differentiation is how Nate spent most of his life not realizing the difference between Norway and Normandy. “I spent so much time thinking, ‘How does invading Norway help them get to France?’ And when I finally figured it out, WWII replayed itself in my mind and made sense for the fist time ever.”And you just sit there for a second with your mouth half-open (even though I actually hate that phrase; I mean, you’re either open or closed, right? No halves about it.). And your mind registers nothing but a long “Ohhhhhhhh.”’
  • I don’t care if you’re a musician or whatever your excuse is, males should not wear makeup. Or at least not noticeable-in-the-slightest makeup. I guess I’ll let you do a little bit of stage makeup or something, but only on those rare occasions that actually call for it.
  • One of the many perks of working custodial is that you get to trash dig. That new purse I have? I’m not going to lie, it totally came out of one of the secretaries trash cans. It’s a fine purse, though, just a little tear that nobody would notice unless they’d just found the purse in the trash and had been examining it closely for defects. I haven’t used it yet, but Emilee has and enjoyed it and came home saying it’s “the perfect size for anything”, which doesn’t make sense, but, oh well. Also, I get Time magazine out of the trash every week. It’s like subscribing except I don’t have to pay and it comes a week late. But still, it’s a good deal.
  • Man, I’m such a sporadic eater and sleeper. No set schedule at all. I know it’s not healthy, but, just recognizing that apparently isn’t changing things.
  • I desperately need to go shoe shopping before it gets any colder. All I have right now in the closed-toe department is a pair of tennis shoes that are falling apart and three pairs of heels. For, as any girl will tell you, even though the ratio of days she wears dress shoes to days she doesn’t is around 1:11, the ratio of normal shoes she owns to dress shoes is around 1:23848590. Dress shoes are just so cute and fun to shop for. They’re impossible to resist.
  • “That’s how I always fix things; just hit them until they start working again. It works for my kids, shy shouldn’t it work for a computer?” – Dr. Hamblin
  • It sucks getting older and seeing people you knew in more innocent years drinking themselves silly, sleeping with whoever comes around, coming out of closets, doing drugs, mutilating themselves, getting addicted to gambling, etc. etc. etc. And all I can do is sit here and sigh up a storm. (Whoa, wouldn’t that be awesome if I literally could sigh up a storm? I’d have at least twenty more friends).
  • My Tuesday evenings at 8 are reserved so that I can watch Supernatural with Emily. Not that I especially care for the show, but she’s too scared to watch by herself and I’m the sucker that she’s roped into joining her every time. I’ve never religiously followed a show, but I think I’ll probably end up watching every episode of this one this season. It’s not that great of a show, though.
  • I spent my time in class coming up with a playlist for if I’m in charge of music for Prom day next year at day camp. Megan did the music last year and it was horrible. It was mostly good music, but not right for the setting at all. First of all, you need to do stuff that’s easy to dance to, because the whole point is for the kids to dance. Second, you need to play music that the kids know. People like what they’re are familiar with, music-wise. Especially kids. Which means that it’s perfectly okay to play Hillary Duff, etc. Just get over it and play what the kids want, the camp is for them. Also, stuff like the Macarena and the Chicken Dance with set dances to them are a very good idea, because then the kids all know what to do and even the less-confident ones dance. And I obviously threw in a couple of songs that I know line dances to, so I could teach the kids/show off how cool I am. This is all very typical of the random tasks that I come up with for myself in class.
  • Nerd^nth? That’s why we are friends.
  • I never went through the horse-obsession phase that many girls did in elementary school. I was busy checking out all the books in the library on cats and occasionally books on various marine mammals. But who needs horses? They aren’t nearly as cute as cats or dolphins.

Oct 11, 2005


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Why is Brittany's house straight out of a movie? It's so cool. This huge farmhouse on a chunk of land with their orchard and grass and fire pit and chicken coop off and around. And all very all-American decorated. And her big family in which all the kids have red hair and look exactly alike.

We went out there and made apple cider (and may I assure you, fresh tastes infinitely better than store-bought) and talked around the fire and had dinner of Navajo tacos (but of course on like the whole wheat fry bread that I'm sure her mother ground the flour for herself). It was so good.

And her little sister Paige (6-ish) is about the cutest thing on the face of the planet. And it was so funny to watch all the boys talking to her.

Zack: So Paige, I hear you have a boyfriend.

And Emilee and I are definitely planning on stealing Paige one of these days. Also, Boots (Paige's cat), who is equally as cute.

Oct 10, 2005

Christopher Reeve and Hanging Chads

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"Don't give up. If you fall off a horse...you just have to get back on and keep riding." "Tell that to Christopher Reeve."

Why are my roommates so cool?

Me and Melanie and Emilee and Christa have started a superhero team officially now. It's called the "Hanging Chad", just because. And when we like change into our costumes and then fly out in awesome poses (well, everyone else gets awesome poses and I of course stand there with my hands in my pockets), the tranformation obviously occurs while doing the dance move, the "Hanging Chad", which I wish there was someway of demonstrating here, because it's great. Melanie is "The Marmot" and has super strength and "Marmy sense". Emilee is "Toeniqua" and can shoot fire, lightning, water, ice, toothpaste, you name it...out of her toes. Christa doesn't have a name yet, she's a recent addition. But her power is communication stuff...she can understand and speak in any language including those of the animals. Also, she has super-persuasive powers. And I actually do get a power, but it's that I can morph into school supplies, so still something ridiculously lame. But hey, if you ever need a three-ring binder, I'm there. And my superhero name is "Andrea Wonnacott" so there you go. And my superhero outfit is just a polo and jeans. I still transform...but it's just from one school outfit to another. But it's all great.

But I guess roommates are a problem occasionally, like the ones that are poachers. Or the ones that make faces at you when you're just trying to have a good bazillion-hour-long Sunday evening phone conversation yet again.

Oct 9, 2005

Party Weekend

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1am used to be so routine and not a big deal at all. Nowadays, I'm sitting there thinking, "This is WAY too late to be up still."

Camping extravaganza Friday night. Best part was obviously Brett's baby deer impression. And I ate more food than really should be consumed in a week.

Partied hard last night. Meaning Poor Man's Cranium for several hours. Plus some well-done cookies.

Oct 5, 2005

cold and \"road features\"

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How is it possible that it's colder in Provo than in Anchorage at this moment? At least there's pretty snow on our mountains after last night. But still brrrrrr.

Though it's time to break out the winter attire, which is always one of the best parts of the year. I love sweaters.

Operation "Road Feature" is on track at the moment, though we're going to have to do some tricky manuevering this weekend. I would go into detail, but you really can't trust anyone in this kind of situation. It's precarious. But, I get to be the president and Emilee is the director of the CIA and we had some major debriefing last night. And it's fun because she has to refer to me as "Miss President" at least once per sentence.

Oct 4, 2005

Yet another tale of me naked swimming

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So a bird pooped on Melanie's head to the way to class yesterday.

But it was still the best day of hers and all of our lives. Because she got accepted into the London study abroad program. And the obvious way to celebrate that is from me and her and Emilee to go skinny dipping in Utah Lake in frigid temeratures. It was so cold. But totally fun. Though Marco Polo was slightly awkward.

"My nipples could shatter glass." Yeah, it was cold.

Oct 2, 2005


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Okay, so General Conference and 6 hours on the phone with a certain someone. So a very...thought-provoking weekend. Also, "Iron Rod" to the tune of "Jupiter" is the best idea the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has had in a long time. Except obviously those light blue dresses they were wearing yesterday. Oh man, who is their stylist?